Thursday, October 13, 2016

LEAKED SPEECHES: Hillary Told Room Of Businessmen That More Food Stamps Will Fix The Economy

The Daily Caller reports:
Hillary Clinton argued that expanding food stamps and other safety net programs is essential to fuel economic growth at a speech to General Electric executives, according to an excerpt of the transcript made public by WikilLeaks Friday.

“Economic growth will take off when people in the middle feel more secure again and start spending again,” Clinton said in her speech at General Electric’s Global Leadership Meeting in January, 2014.

The speech excerpt was part of 80 pages of transcripts from Clinton’s speeches at private business events that her campaign flagged as potentially damaging if released. The file, compiled by campaign researchers, was attached to an one of the leaked emails of John Podesta.

Hillary Clinton is a true believer in that old time religion called Keynesian economics noted for theft and high taxes.