Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Illinois Prosecutor Opens Vote Fraud Investigation Concerning Votes For Hillary Clinton and State Rep. who has won her last two general election races by an average of about 100 votes each

Capitol Fax reports on this voting corruption investigation:
From the Office of Jamie Boyd, Kankakee County State’s Attorney
Date: October 4, 2016
For Immediate Release:
Re: Election Fraud

The Kankakee County State’s Attorney’s Office has opened an investigation into voter fraud. This unprecedented action was taken in response to reports of individuals from Chicago offering gifts to potential voters in exchange for a vote for Kate Cloonen, Hillary Clinton and others. Our office takes seriously the obligation to protect the rights of citizens to vote for the candidate of their choice, and to do so without undue influence from special interest groups. The investigation will also focus on the authenticity of vote by mail requests. Several applications have been filed with the election authority that appear to be fraudulently executed. These documents were also filed by people who are not voters in Kankakee County.

As a result of the information we currently have, and in an effort to end the ongoing practices aimed at illegally gaining a victory for specific candidates changes have been made to the processes. Effective immediately no “I voted” stickers will be issued to voters. This will end the practice of vote purchasers using the stickers as proof of voting. A register has been created to keep track of all individuals dropping off “vote by mail” applications so that contact information is available if questions arise regarding any applications.
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