Saturday, October 01, 2016

How Democrats could blow their chance to capture the Senate this year

The New York Post reports:
The Democrats could let a golden opportunity slip through their fingers on Election Day.

This year’s battle for control of the Senate should favor the blue party. The Republicans hold just a five-seat edge, and most of the 34 seats up for election or re-election are in states that are either tossups in the presidential contest or lean to the left.

Yet with a little more than five weeks to go, Republicans are in control of two key Senate races — in swing states Florida and Ohio — and are holding their own in three more crucial contests in the battlegrounds of New Hampshire and Nevada and the blue state of Pennsylvania.

If the Republicans maintain their seats in Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania and flip the seat in Nevada left by retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, their odds of keeping their majority for the next two years rise substantially.

Bolstering their prospects is a $21 million infusion into these and other key Senate races to fund an ad blitz, according to The Washington Post. The investment is being made by the Senate Leadership fund, the super PAC overseen by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.