Sunday, October 16, 2016

Democrats expose their own problems by attacking Trump

The New York Post reports:
The barrage represents selective outrage on an industrial scale, and is conveniently timed. Coming simultaneously with the WikiLeaks release of Clinton-camp e-mails and continuing disclosures about the flawed FBI investigation of her private server, many voters know far more about the allegations against Trump than about the latest proof of Clinton’s deceptions, not to mention her aides’ attacks on Christians, Latinos and Bernie Sanders.

The e-mail revelations, including numerous examples of biased media helping Clinton, deserve more attention. Instead, the lopsided focus on Trump is, temporarily at least, tilting the table toward a Clinton victory. Unless Trump gets back to matters of national substance and reverses the slide, he’s toast.

But so, then, would be the hopes of millions of Americans who have greater concerns than feverish reports about one candidate’s sexual mores. While there are understandable reasons to vote for Clinton and against Trump, alleged offensive conduct that happened years ago, and that was never reported to police, should not be the sole deciding factor in picking a president.