Thursday, October 06, 2016

Death By Socialism 2015 Edition : 1 In 3 Patients Admitted To Venezuelan Hospitals Die

The Daily Caller reports on the socialist body count:
The government of Venezuela reports that one out of three Venezuelans who are admitted to public hospitals died in 2015.

This is yet another story in a slew of bad news for Venezuela. Inflation has become so bad that the government ordered millions of pounds of provisions (in the form of the Venezuelan currency, the Bolivar) to be dropped by planeload across the nation. The government even put its own military in charge of the country’s food supplies.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, the Venezuelan people now have a 33 percent chance they will not leave the hospital alive.

There are 40 percent fewer operational hospital beds in the country since 2014, and the nation is experiencing a massive shortage of 85 percent of medicines. Some 30 percent of children in Venezuela suffer from malnutrition, according to News 24.

Death by government isn't something new. No word yet on this story from Sean Penn. Also , no word yet on this story from Comrade Bernie Sanders who wants a single payer health care system.