Monday, October 03, 2016

Clinton: 'I Believe One of the Jobs of the President Is to Encourage More (National) Service'

CNS News reports that central planner Hillary Clinton has plans for your free and un-free time:
She called a tripling of AmeriCorps, the volunteer program started by her husband in 1993 when he was president. "And then I want to double the college scholarships that AmeriCorps members earn through their service," she said. "If you do National Service, we will begin a program to forgive your loans because you are giving back to your country."

Clinton called for expanding the Peace Corps, which sends American volunteers to other countries.

She wants more businesses to create a "social component," such as "dedicating a portion of their profits to a charity, giving employees time off to volunteer, or adopting a school or community center as a pro bono project for the whole company." She wants to forgive student loans for people who launch a social enterprises or start a business in an under-served community.

"And finally, I want to create a new means for people to serve in serious, meaningful ways without a full-time commitment. You know, AmeriCorps is a full-time commitment. The Peace Corps is a full-time commitment. The armed forces are a full-time commitment. But the armed forces has another model; the Reserves. Right? It gives people the chance to make a high-impact contribution while still building careers and pursuing their dreams in other ways.

"So let's do something like that in the civilian space. Let's call it the National Service Reserve. And here's the idea: If you join the National Service Reserve, you will receive some basic training just like you would in the military reserves. And then when your city or state needs you, you'll get the call.
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