Friday, October 07, 2016

Bill Clinton’s ObamaCare rant was scripted — and approved by Obama

The New York Post reports:
When Bill Clinton recently criticized ObamaCare as “the craziest thing in the world,” it looked to everyone like he had given Donald Trump a stick to beat Hillary with at their second presidential debate this Sunday at Washington University in St. Louis.

But as usual, the Big Dog was crazy like a fox.

According to multiple sources both in the White House and the Clinton campaign, Bill was following a carefully crafted script that was poll tested and endorsed by his wife and Barack Obama.

“Barack warned Hillary that she was going to have to confront an attack from Trump or [the debate moderators] Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz on the problems with ObamaCare,” said a source with intimate knowledge of a conversation between the president and Hillary Clinton.

“Barack said he was aware of the widespread unhappiness with ObamaCare’s massive premium increases,” the source continued, “and that Hillary had to be ready during the presidential town hall debate to defang the attack that was sure to come.”
Barack Obama: laughing at your higher premiums.