Saturday, September 10, 2016

We are Not a Melting Pot. Diversity is Not our Strength

Yonathan Amselem reports:
The Left has drilled the immigrant “melting pot” fantasy into our heads for so many years that most people dare not question it. They should. The United States was founded by Anglo-Saxon Protestants from Western Europe. For most of America’s history, “immigrants” meant descendants of British Common Law raised in our Western Judeo-Christian ethic. Our culture, our traditions, and most importantly, our astronomical living standards are a direct result of that particular heritage. Don’t think so? What if our founding fathers were Aztec? Or Yoruba? What prosperity did those cultures leave to their descendants? Our Republic is rich because, despite its flaws, it was founded on a set of objectively better ideas. Immigrants to the United States do not make us wealthier by virtue of looking “diverse.” Quite the opposite. They make us and themselves wealthier when they assimilate to our Western tradition – when they become “one of us.” Before the rise of fraudulent victim advocacy organizations and our massive welfare state, American immigrants that couldn’t meet our standards or disliked our values would simply pack their bags and go home.
There's more:
So what has America gained from its multi-decade project in 3rd world diversity? Apart from more restaurants serving meat and rice, nothing. As of 2010, 71% of Hispanic immigrant households were on some form of government welfare compared to 39% of native households. As of 2013, that number was 91.4% for Middle Eastern refugees. In fact, not including later welfare expenditures, resettling one refugee costs US taxpayers almost $13,000 per year. Are these the people making us stronger via diversity? It sounds an awful lot like they’re making us a soup kitchen. 3rd world migrants tend to come from violent, tribal, and outrageously intolerant societies. Are we to assume only “nice” 3rd world immigrants come to America? Nearly 80% of undocumented Central American women and children are raped by other illegal immigrants during their trek across the US border. The idea that immigrants who live in horribly violent societies will simply drop those tendencies once they’re on American soil is utter nonsense. Illegal 3rd world aliens make up over a quarter of the federal prison population and commit murders and sexual assaults five to ten times as often as native-born Americans.
An article , well worth your time.