Thursday, September 22, 2016

U. Kentucky is suing its student newspaper, trying to block sexual assault reporting

The Washington Post reports:
The University of Kentucky is suing the school’s independent student newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel, in an effort to block the release of records related to a sexual assault investigation on campus, a rare move that the university says is necessary to protect victims’ private and confidential information.

The lawsuit is unusual in a number of ways, in part because the university acknowledges it is reluctantly suing the student newspaper, which already has the documents it sought under an open records request — the paper already has used the documents in covering alleged cases of professor-on-student sexual assault and harassment. Because the school can’t go after the state’s Attorney General following an opinion that the school would have to release documents in the case, the university is targeting its own students in an effort to block the release of such records.
What are you hiding University of Kentucky???