Thursday, September 08, 2016

Trump pledges to earmark $20B for school choice

The Hill reports:
GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday released a plan to spend big on school choice.

Trump’s first budget would add $20 billion toward school choice, which would be used to create a block grant for every impoverished school-aged child in the country, according to a fact sheet released by his campaign.

That way, federal dollars could follow students to whatever school they choose — public, charter, or private — and parents would have more flexibility to choose the school that fits their child’s needs.

In order to reach that goal, Trump said, he'd need a major investment from the states.

"If the states collectively contribute another $110 billion of their own education budgets toward school choice on top of the $20 billion in federal dollars, that could provide $12,000 in school choice funds to every single K-12 student who today is living in poverty," Trump said at a campaign event in Cleveland on Thursday.
Does Hillary care about the children?