Thursday, September 22, 2016

Philadelphia Mayor calls sanctuary city bill 'incredibly dangerous'

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:
Mayor Kenney on Wednesday lashed out at a proposed law that targets the city's policy of giving sanctuary to undocumented immigrants, calling it "incredibly dangerous."
Mayor Kenney criticized legislation from Northeast Philadelphia Republican Rep. Martina White.

The legislation from Rep. Martina White (R., Phila.) would essentially make illegal the city's policy, which bars nearly all communication between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.
There's more:
White's bill, which passed out of a House committee Tuesday, would bar municipalities from passing legislation that limits cooperation between public officials and the federal government on immigration cases. Those with such legislation could have state funding withheld.

The bill also would hold such a municipality financially responsible for any damages to a person or property resulting from criminal activity by illegal immigrants, who in the legislation are called unauthorized aliens.
What other laws does Philadelphia's Mayor feel like not following?