Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pennsylvania taxpayers were top donors to DNC. Rent-Seeking Gone Real Wild.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:
After months of fighting efforts to make public the donors who paid for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the local fund-raising committee has released names and numbers.
There's more:
Pennsylvania taxpayers were the biggest donors through a $10 million grant the state Department of Community and Economic Development gave the committee.

Top donors included the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ($2.1 million), the Democratic Governors Association ($2 million), Independence Blue Cross ($1.5 million), the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Priorities USA ($1.5 million), and Facebook ($1.45 million).

Comcast donated $5.1 million in in-kind services, which included personnel, telecommunications, hospitality and events, and $500,000 cash. Peco donated $1.25 million in in-kind services, listed as utility work and labor.
Pennsylvania taxpayers (Democrats For Hillary like it or not) ! Rent-seeking on steroids.