Monday, September 05, 2016

Norwegian hairdresser could be jailed for refusing salon entry to woman with hijab

RT reports:
In a landmark case, a Norwegian hair salon owner could be sentenced to six months in jail Thursday, for refusing entry to a Muslim hijab-wearing woman.

Merete Hodne claims the religious headscarf to be a totalitarian symbol of “evil”.

Twenty-three-year-old Malika Bayan reportedly went to Hodne’s salon in the town of Bryne in October last year to enquire how much it would cost to color her hair, but Hodne told her to leave.

The hairdresser defended her actions, which garnered national media attention, afterwards on Facebook. "I refused to take two hijab-clad ladies in my salon. Do not want evil through the doors where I can decide. Lawful? Maybe not. But we still have freedom of speech?" she posted.

Bayan told TV2 that she found Hodne’s treatment highly offensive. “It is disturbing that she treats people this way in a free country. Norway is my country. She talks about that Islam is oppressive to women, but it is she who oppress me,” she said.
Got that? Someone wants you to be a slave and serve them.