Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton (Democrat-Wal Mart )

The Washington Times reports:
Mrs. Clinton also has received more money from Wal-Mart employees than any other candidate. A Washington Times analysis found that Wal-Mart associates have donated 424 times to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, totaling $46,288. Mr. Sanders received more than 1,100 contributions from Wal-Mart workers during the primary, though the donations totaled $40,888, less than what Mrs. Clinton received.

Republican Donald Trump has gotten 39 donations worth $7,725 from Wal-Mart employees.

Mrs. Clinton’s ties to the company go beyond campaign money. Among other things, the Clinton Foundation has interviewed Wal-Mart workers for feature pieces on its website, and the Clinton campaign’s treasurer, Jose Villarreal, earlier this year attended a fundraiser hosted by a top Wal-Mart executive.

Mrs. Clinton’s public positions on issues affecting Wal-Mart — including during her first presidential run in 2008, when she said company workers should be allowed to unionize — seem to have coincided with a change in public opinion, analysts say.

Even the company itself has responded to public demonization by progressive politicians and others, announcing last year it would raise wages for employees.
Imagine that.