Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Headline Hiding Toronto Star: Man arrested after fatal stabbing near York University. A 31-year-old Toronto man has been arrested in relation to the stabbing. Police say the suspect and the victim knew each other.

The Toronto Star reports their shyness:
After the stabbing, I came downstairs because it looked really strange. And when I came downstairs, I heard the roommate screaming that he’s not breathing, he’s not doing well, he’s not moving,” said Sandhu, adding that the argument was about religion.

“It’s always an argument between one Muslim guy and one somebody else. And it’s always the Muslim guy saying ‘we’re not all bad’ and the other guy saying ‘you’re the problem’ and the Muslim guy saying ‘you guys are the problem.’ It’s just a stupid argument,” said Sandhu. It’s the type of argument that’s happened before in the area, Sandhu added.
Name that religion.