Thursday, September 22, 2016

Female Muslim teacher quits job over pressure to shake hands with men

RT reports:
A Swedish school principal found it “discriminatory” that a female Muslim teacher would not want to shake hands with a male colleague. The woman chose to quit and file a complaint with the country’s equality ombudsman.

20-year-old Fardous El-Sakka had been working as a substitute teacher at Kunskapsskolan in Helsingborg, southern Sweden, since August. As her religious beliefs dictate, she did not shake hands with her male colleagues, putting her hand on her heart and bowing instead. Yet one of the male staff members was offended by her refusing him a handshake, Swedish newspaper Expressen states, and reported the incident to the school authorities.

“If anyone is discriminated against here, it is the employee whose hand she refused to take. The man felt extremely offended,” school principal Lidija Münchmeyer told the newspaper.
Imagine that.