Friday, September 09, 2016

DOD Is Leasing Land To Green Energy Companies FOR FREE

The Daily Caller reports:
The Department of Defense (DOD) allowed private companies to build green energy projects on federal lands for little or no compensation, according to an audit of the Pentagon’s green energy efforts.

Government Accountability Office (GAO) auditors reviewed 17 green energy projects on DOD land and found 14 of those projects were, “not always clear about the value of the land used and the compensation DOD received for granting such use.”

“Specifically, for 8 projects, DOD received little or no financial compensation for the use of its land, but the documentation did not clearly compare the value for granting use of DOD land to the value of what DOD received for it,” GAO found. “As a result, DOD contributed potentially valuable land—in some cases, over 100 acres—for the development of a project without including this as a cost in project documentation.”

For you rookies out there: if you aren't "connected" to the Obama regime the IRS would have a little discussion with you on getting something way below market value. No word yet on the Congress on this one.