Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Denmark Grapples with Syrian Refugee: Can’t Care for 3 Wives, 17 Children He Wants to Join Him

CNS News reports:
A Syrian refugee who fled to Denmark has that socialist country’s officials rethinking its policies as he sought to reunite there with his three wives and 20 children, according to the British media outlet, The Mirror.

Daham Al Hasan also claims he is too ill to work to pay for their upkeep.

“Fuming Danish politicians want to DNA test a Syrian migrant looking to reunite his 20 children in Europe,” the Mirror article stated. “Daham Al Hasan, 47, who has three wives and says he is too sick to work, wants to ship his entire family to the continent to join him in Denmark - allowing him access to a reported £21,000 ($24,000 USD) in child benefits every year.

“He claims that blocking his family from settling in Europe is a breach of his human rights,” the article stated.

Marie Krarup, member for the Danish People's Party, called for the DNA testing and said only one wife and her children should be permitted to stay in Denmark.
A clash of culture that many Western countries just can't absorb.