Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chicago Public School enrollment takes another dip .

The Chicago Tribune reports:
About 300 public schools in Chicago will lose a total of $45 million in funding because enrollment this fall fell below projections, adding to the pain of budget cuts already imposed by the cash-strapped district.

The district said 378,481 students were enrolled on the 10th day of classes this year. That's almost 14,000 less than last year and continues a trend of enrollment falling below 400,000, which occurred two years ago for the first time in at least two decades.

CPS estimated the latest budget adjustments would lead to about 300 layoffs, with teachers and support staff among those losing jobs. Budget cuts in some cases would leave schools without enough money to provide basic education. CPS said 55 schools will split $5.7 million if enrollment declines were "significantly deeper than expected" or "would prevent them from offering critical academic programming."

The district said it already has distributed $8 million to schools struggling with enrollment declines.

While schools with enrollment declines will lose money, CPS said 195 schools with higher-than-projected enrollment are in line to split an additional $20 million.
It appears that the urban boosters were wrong about people moving back to the city with their children.