Sunday, September 04, 2016

California's Healthy Kids programs fade as undocumented children gain access to Medi-Cal

The San Jose Mercury News reports:
Baby Sergio's fever was spiking. His parents had just arrived in this agricultural city from Mexico with no papers, no money, no family, no friends.

The parents tried bringing down the fever, but it didn't work. The baby started convulsing. An ambulance whisked the terrified young family to a hospital. There, a social worker met with them.

"Don't worry, seƱora," the social worker told Maria as she signed Sergio up for a program called Healthy Kids. She handed the anxious mother an insurance card.

Maria believes that little card saved her son's life repeatedly over the next several years, allowing him to have regular checkups and paying for crucial surgeries and medical care.
A story about illegals that cost the taxpayers a lot of money.