Saturday, September 17, 2016

Boss Madigan: Power. Privilege. Politics .

If you want to understand the origins of Barack Obama.... Without Boss Mike Madigan there would have been no Barack Obama. The documentary says it all:
Illinois is one of only 14 states without term limits and this documentary highlights the influence an officeholder can wield in the absence of term limits. Madigan is the longest-serving House Speaker in the U.S. Madigan became an Illinois legislator in 1971 and has been Speaker of the House in Illinois for all but two years since 1983. During the time Madigan has been Speaker, Illinois has had six different governors, more than 200 state senators and more than 500 state representatives.
Boss Madigan has a day job appealing high property taxes which he helped cause! As a loyal foot soldier for the Illinois Democrat party: Barack Obama has not much to say on this topic.