Monday, August 22, 2016

Unions show hypocrisy with Kroger deal

IBJ reports:
Unions have been known to exercise hypocrisy when it comes to workers’ rights. But their recent negotiations of contracts for organized workers far below industry norms, coupled with requests for exemption waivers from the same state minimum wage increases that they themselves have been fighting for, demonstrate their true lack of concern for America’s workforce.

In its desperation to maintain relevance, big labor has been at the forefront of the national movement to increase the minimum wage. Unions’ true intentions, however, have been shrouded behind a “fair pay,” “income equality” facade.

Take the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union. UFCW has been on the front lines of the national “Fight for $15” movement.

Millions of dollars—funded by the forced membership dues of their members—has been spent on these efforts. UFCW has particularly zeroed in on Wal-Mart and has been trying to unionize the large retailers and some of the nation’s largest employers for many years.

And why not? With rapidly declining membership rolls and a loss of national stature, organized labor is pulling out all the stops to forcibly unionize workers and increase revenue in the form of higher dues.

UFCW, however, just entered into an agreement with grocery retailer Kroger that would set starting wages for union members at $8.50 an hour, rising to $13.90 an hour for “seasoned employees.” This is far less than the $15 an hour it is calling for across the country and far less than industry standards.
No equal protection under the law for you!