Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trophy Wives and Blue Ribbon Wives

Gary North reports:
Then there is the blue ribbon wife. Blue ribbon status is not physically visible. It is earned over time. As with all value, it is subjectively imputed by others. It is based on superior performance under difficult conditions. It is imputed by men and women.

There are not many blue ribbon husbands. For men, superior performance under difficult conditions is rare. Men are expected to earn a decent living, avoid adultery, avoid scandals, stay sober most of the time, pay occasional attention to their children, and not gain more than 30 pounds after marriage. To get rich, famous, or powerful takes lots of time. So, the man who seeks any of these must place most of the burden of raising the children on his wife. This turns her into a blue ribbon wife if she is successful. It doesn't make him a blue ribbon husband. He can become a trophy husband, but not a blue ribbon husband.

Blue ribbon wives are willing to back up their husbands in sickness and health -- his or hers -- and in wealth and poverty.
For you rookies out there.