Friday, August 26, 2016

The Spawn of The Devil Himself: Karenna Gore Exec Producing Movie Based on Ecological Activism Book ‘Ghetto Plainsman’

Variety reports on the latest Hollywood/propaganda project that isn't looking too profitable:
Karenna Gore and former Obama Administration advisor Barry Johnson are executive producing a movie based on Jarid Manos’ memoir “Ghetto Plainsman,” Variety has learned exclusively.

Jordan Walker-Pearlman (“The Visit”) is directing from a script he co-wrote with Carlton Jordan and Manos, along with Elizabeth Hunter. Walker-Pearlman and Jordan (“Love Handles”) are also producing.

Johnson arranged the film’s financing. He’s a business executive who has worked for the Obama Administration, Sony Music, Disney, the Staubach Company, and the joint venture of Microsoft and BET.

“Ghetto Plainsman,” published in 2007, covers a man’s journey to find himself from his abusive rural Ohio childhood to the violent streets of 1990s New York, where he’s a drug dealer and self-loathing hustler, to America’s Great Plains — where he comes face to face with similar violence caused by man’s inhumanity towards nature. He sees his connection to all forms of life and transforms himself into the leader of a new ecological health movement.

“This movie is vital, refreshing, and timely for the enlightenment it seeds and the stereotypes it uproots about human relations, sexual identity, ecological activism, and the connectedness of it all,” Johnson said.
No, this isn't an article in The Onion. Note... "the leader of a new ecological health movement." Who says Hollywood doesn't believe in religion?