Saturday, August 13, 2016

The New York Times is Shocked : Cost, Not Choice, Is Top Concern of Health Insurance Customers . Front page story has The New York Times Claiming ObamaCare Didn't Work Out Like Socialists Expected.

Obamacare supporters The New York Times (Democrats-For ObamaCare and Coercion) report:
It is all about the price.

Millions of people buying insurance in the marketplaces created by the federal health care law have one feature in mind. It is not finding a favorite doctor, or even a trusted company. It is how much — or, more precisely, how little — they can pay in premiums each month.

And for many of them, especially those who are healthy, all the prices are too high.

The unexpected laser focus on price has contributed to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses among the country’s top insurers, as fewer healthy people than expected have signed up. And that has created two vexing questions: Will the major insurance companies stay in the marketplaces? And if they do, will the public have a wide array of plans to choose from — a central tenet of the 2010 Affordable Care Act?
You'll note the NYT's comment "the unexpected laser focus on price". Just a reminder, the NYT and the Obama regime calls ripping off younger people to pay for someone else progress!