Thursday, August 25, 2016

Republicans confident in strong early-voting ground game for Trump

The Hill reports:
The Republican National Committee (RNC) is voicing confidence that it is well prepared for early voting thanks to the fruits of an increased investment in its data and ground game.

The party found itself disadvantaged last cycle, as President Obama’s massive field operation helped to secure his reelection.

It faces a new challenge this cycle, though, as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s lack of organizational investment is forcing the RNC to serve as his A-team on the ground.

RNC officials believe they are ready for the challenge, arguing massive improvements have been made over the past four years.

“Our analytic and data capacity is so far above where we've ever been at this point in time,” a senior RNC aide told The Hill.

“In 2013, the chairman really wanted to make sure we upped our game, and this was one of the byproducts — making sure we had this advanced analytics program to do predictive modeling and answer the question: Where do we stand?”