Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kochs pull ads from Ohio Senate race

The Hill reports:
The powerful network helmed by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch is canceling advertising in the Ohio Senate race, a sign that Republican Sen. Rob Portman is viewed as increasingly likely to win.

The Koch network, which has already spent more than $10 million on TV, radio and digital advertising in Ohio, is canceling about $2.1 million of ad reservations for late September because network officials believe Portman is in a strong position to defeat Democratic challenger Ted Strickland.

“Rob Portman has run one of the strongest campaigns of the cycle, he maintains a significant lead in virtually every poll, and the dynamics of the race have changed,” Koch network spokesman James Davis told The Hill on Tuesday.

“We will remain on air through Sept. 14 with our current ads, but given Portman's strong position in the race, we are going to drop the remaining reservation and reserve flexibility over future spending.”

The Kochs’ decision to cancel ads in Ohio is a bad omen for the campaign of the state’s former governor, Strickland.
A signal that this Senate race isn't in play.