Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Interesting Fact: ~11M African slaves were brought to the New World (1525-1866). Only 4.2% (450K) ended up in the US

Professor Mark Perry reports:
Since 1970, about 1.75 million Africans have emigrated to the United States, bringing the total number of African immigrants living in the U.S. to 1.83 million. In contrast, 450,000 Africans arrived in the United States over the course of the slave trade, out of the 10.7 million African slaves brought to North America, the Caribbean and South America. In other words, a) only 4.2% of African slaves brought to the New World ended up in the U.S. and b) almost 4 times as many Africans have emigrated to the U.S. in the 45 years since 1970 compared to the number of Africans brought to the US as slaves in the more than 300 years between 1525 and 1866.
Another great one from Professor Mark Perry.