Thursday, August 11, 2016

Harvard Professor Theda Skocpol (Democrat-Hillary Clinton) : Trump and Trumpism could win in November, unless the rest of us set aside our differences

Harvard Professor Theda Skocpol (Democrat-Hillary Clinton) reports:
So, yes, Trump and Trumpism could win in November, unless the rest of us set aside our political differences and elect, instead, a sane and extraordinarily well-prepared candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Many Americans, I realize, have bought into propaganda questioning Clinton’s basic honesty. Her style is guarded, and she is no less given to downplaying her mistakes than any other longstanding politician. But Clinton has been a liberal and progressive policy champion for decades, much more so than her husband. And I know her strengths from personal experience as well as academic research. Many years ago, in early 1995, I briefly met Hillary in person. I had imbibed so many demonizing attacks that I expected to encounter an unpleasant, haughty woman. But when I ended up at the same supper table with First Lady Hillary Clinton and her young daughter, Chelsea, I met a warm, funny, down-to-earth person, clearly a wonderful mother, who un-defensively engaged me, a critic of her 1994 health reform efforts, with curiosity about what my research showed she might do better in continuing efforts.

Hillary Clinton is, in short, far from the caricature her enemies are pushing. She is thoughtful and well prepared. She learns, listens and keeps at it. She is the un-Trump. And she is by far the better choice for president in 2016 — actually, the only sane choice for all voters who care about America’s shared future.
Value free social science from a noted Harvard professor. Will Professor Skocpol help Harvard to get to the top 5 , again , of big donors to the Democrat party this election cycle? Stay tuned.