Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Flashback 2005: Why Does Bill Clinton Spend More Time With Bush Family Than Hillary? Are Bill and Hillary "Separated" ?

The Boston Globe reports:
Born after his father's death, Bill Clinton has spent his life searching for connection. His need for approval was, arguably, the yearning that propelled him all the way to the White House.

Now it appears Clinton has found his surrogate family. He is part of a sprawling clan, legendary for its warmth and unity. It is a clan that is so accustomed to acquiring surrogate sons and daughters that adoption has become a part of its strength.

Clinton has become a member of the Bush clan.

Last week in Rome for the pope's funeral, the clan sat lined up in a pew: Laura, W., Dad, surrogate daughter Condoleezza, and Bill, all seeming more at ease than most families on Christmas Eve. Clinton may have looked a little out of place, like a Great Dane who thinks he belongs to a family of dachshunds, but his contented expression suggested he was exactly where he wanted to be.
Are Bill and Hillary "separated". No word yet on this story from white suburban women who have to believe that Bill and Hillary are living happily together.