Friday, August 05, 2016

CPS lays off almost 500 teachers, another 500 school-based workers

The Chicago Tribune reports:
Chicago Public Schools is laying off almost 500 teachers and another 500 school-based staff members, the district said Friday.

The teachers being laid off will be eligible to apply for jobs in the district, which has about 1,000 teaching vacancies, officials said. The majority of affected personnel are expected to be hired into open positions at other schools, CPS said.

In past years, about 60 percent of teachers who have been laid off have been rehired in full-time positions in the district, CPS said.

CPS will not announce the impacts to individual schools until later Friday, a spokeswoman said. The district said 280 of the 500-plus district-run schools will have no teacher or staff impacts in the coming year.
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