Friday, August 19, 2016

Boston Taxi cab magnate may be out of luck after all

The Boston Globe reports:
It looks like Boston’s taxi king, who pleaded guilty this week to federal tax and fraud offenses, may not be able to run the city’s largest cab business from his prison cell after all.

Police Commissioner William Evans told me Friday that he is now reassessing the suitability of Edward J. Tutunjian’s family to operate the city’s biggest taxi fleet after Tutunjian’s admission on Wednesday that he dodged payroll taxes, employed illegal immigrants, and failed to pay overtime wages.

Tutunjian, 66, accepted a plea deal that orders him to pay more than $2 million in fines. Prosecutors want him to serve at least two years in prison.

“We’re going to reassess the suitability of the family,’’ Evans said. “We’ll look at the family’s involvement. Clearly, he’s not suitable.’’
Imagine that.