Friday, November 06, 2015

India Kicks Greenpeace Out Of The Country For ‘Fraudulent’ Operations

The Daily Caller reports:
In a twist of irony, Greenpeace has been kicked out of the very country it’s trying to “save” from global warming.

India’s government has cancelled Greenpeace’s nonprofit registration after national security officials deemed the activist group a “threat to economic security” and took actions to limit the group’s ability to function.

The Tamil Nadu provincial government issued a notice Wednesday cancelling Greenpeace India Society’s registration for “‘fraudulently’ conducting their business by falsifying balance sheets, and other violations of the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act of 1975,” reports

For over a year, Indian officials have been cracking down on Greenpeace for protesting coal plants and mines the country is trying to use to bring electricity to the rural poor. Greenpeace has been working in the country for years, trying to get them to adopt solar energy to power the countryside.

We are proud of India for standing up to the anti-development radicals of Greenpeace who want to keep brown people poor.