Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What Did Rick Perry's Donors Get for $17 Million?

Gary North reports:
Donors of $17 million should ask themselves this: What was I thinking of?"

What causes could they have funded?

What books could this have published?

What free online K-12 Christian curriculum could this have funded to compete with the Khan Academy?

What Christian research organization could this have launched?

Of course, he could not have raised this kind of money for any of these alternatives. Conservative Christians think that national salvation will come through politics. They will donate to an obviously lost cause until the lost cause hits the brick wall. They will write those checks in hope of a short-term political victory in Washington. Congress does not change. The courts do not change. The federal bureaucracy does not change. "But if we can just elect a President..."

Reagan failed to change Washington. Why would anyone believe that Rick Perry could do this... especially Rick Perry?

The futility of national politics should be obvious. But it isn't.
If you think politics is the answer to problems: you might want to read this one.