Saturday, September 12, 2015

University of California considering recognizing a “right” to be “free from … expressions of intolerance”

The Washington Post reports on the move to limit speech at University of California . Here's a new proposal from the Stalinists:
The University of California is committed to protecting its bedrock values of respect, inclusion, and academic freedom. Free expression and the open exchange of ideas — principles enshrined in our national and state Constitutions — are part of the University’s fiber. So, too, is tolerance, and University of California students, faculty, and staff must respect the dignity of each person within the UC community.

Intolerance has no place at the University of California. We define intolerance as unwelcome conduct motivated by discrimination against, or hatred toward, other individuals or groups. It may take the form of acts of violence or intimidation, threats, harassment, hate speech, derogatory language reflecting stereotypes or prejudice, or inflammatory or derogatory use of culturally recognized symbols of hate, prejudice, or discrimination.
As you can guess "intolerance" doesn't mean attacking registered Republicans, Christians , and white males at University of California. Is University of California a pervasive violator of the Hatch Act ? There's reasonable suspicion here to say the least.