Friday, October 31, 2014

Most public school students aren't prepared for college work, data show

The Chicago Tribune reports on data from a big state, Illinois:
while thousands of the 2012 graduates were headed to college, only about 25 percent of that year's class was considered "college-ready" — meaning they could perform at least average in freshman classes in four key subjects, based on student scores on each section of the ACT. That ACT college-readiness figure was about the same as reported in this year's report card for 2014 graduates.

With some educators critical of the ACT score analysis, the state came up with its own definition of college readiness: Getting at least a 21 on the ACT exam, a composite score akin to the national average. Even by that standard, only about 46 percent of 2014 graduates were considered college-ready.
The great moments of public education. Why should taxpayers subsidize so many students to go to college if they aren't "prepared" to be there?