Saturday, August 02, 2014

Will Strongman Barack Obama Re- Write ObamaCare Law To Sign Up Young Illegals Who Don't Qualify For Medicaid ?

The big question on the minds of many taxpayers : will strongman Barack Obama have ObamaCare navigators sign up young illegals for ObamaCare? But, there are many more questions. Will Obama use young illegals to puff up ObamaCare numbers? You say it's impossible? Who's going to stop strongman Obama? Insurance companies who wrote the law, that enjoy plundering taxpayers? Who's going to have standing in court to stop it? A policy holder at an insurance company? Will you soon be subsidizing someone who's got the "health" of the third world affecting your health insurance pool? Does strongman Barack Obama ,and the rest of the Democrat party, want to re-distribute the fact that you don't have tuberculosis and lice? Will your child ,who goes to a government run school, have to learn a lot less to make up for someone who's illiterate at 12 years old and has a disease your doctor isn't quite familiar with? Will you be forced to subsidize health insurance providers who have to hire more people who "specialize" in non-English languages?