Thursday, August 21, 2014

Does Eric Holder Run A Patronage Operation in Violation of the Hatch Act At the Department of Justice ?

We hear justice is supposed to be blind from law professors. Does Eric Holder's employees have a history of violating the Hatch Act? Is Eric Holder running an illegal patronage operation at the Justice Department? Why did so many Justice Department employees "contribute" money to Barack Obama in 2012? So much money, that they made number 19 on the list Barack Obama's biggest contributors! Are Justice Department employees given raises and promotions , under Eric Holder, based on how much money they kicked back to Barack Obama in 2012? Are registered Republicans being denied employment at the Justice Department by design? No word yet on this story from former Fannie and Freddie board of directors who seem to have not committed a single crime in the "ethically compromised" world of Eric Holder.