Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why that sexy selfie could be a big mistake: People who post provocative photos online are seen as unattractive and less bright

The Daily Mail reports:
Girls who post sexy Rihanna-style selfies are seen as less attractive and less bright by other women, new research has revealed.

The pop star, and other female celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, have created a trend for young women to post revealing photos of themselves on social media sites like Twitter.

But while it may get positive comments from male friends and followers on Facebook or Instagram, the reaction from female users is much more negative, said psychologists.

They see the person posting the picture as less physically attractive and with fewer 'capabilities to perform tasks' - in other words, less competent socially or in the workplace.

Psychologists from Oregon State University created two Facebook profiles for a fictitious 20-year-old woman called Amanda Johnson and showed it to 120 female volunteers aged 13-25.