Monday, July 14, 2014

Political fallout from underage illegal immigrants may spread far from the Rio Grande Valley

The Washington Examiner reports:

The flood of underage--and many not-so-underage--illegal immigrants from the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador crested in the Rio Grande Valley, but now the waters are being diverted and channeled to other parts of the United States.

Well, maybe that metaphor is a bit labored, but my point is that these young and not-so-young people are being transported to various parts of the country, to be put under the care of relatives, we are told, though it's not so clear that the caregivers are always relatives. My former Washington Examiner colleague Joel Gehrke, now at National Review, highlights the at least fragmentary evidence that some are being turned over to human traffickers. Those are exactly the kind of people that a near-unanimous Congress tried to keep them away from by passing the William Wilberforce anti-trafficking law in 2008.

The legacy of strongman Barack Obama.