Thursday, July 17, 2014

IBD: Tax The Illegals By Taxing Remittances

IBD reports:
To stem illegal border crossings, the government once made it harder and costlier to wire cash back home. This administration makes it easier and cheaper.

'People should not have to resort to mailing cash in an envelope or delivering money in person," argued Obama's consumer credit cop, Richard Cordray, in a recent speech to a Latino immigrant-rights group.

So among other things, he's putting an end to "hidden fees" that he says banks charge immigrants to wire funds.

"Consumers sending $200 from here to El Salvador might find they pay anywhere from $8 to $33," the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau chief whined.

But if they're breaking U.S. immigration laws, why help them use America as an ATM, along with the corrupt Third World kleptocracies that send them here?

Instead, the feds ought to tax such transfers and use the revenues to pay for the free services that we provide Salvadorans and other illegals. Better yet, use the money to beef up border security.

Why are we subsidizing migrant workers only to see them ship their excess cash out of the country?

Think about it: Illegal aliens have money to send home because they don't have to pay for the services that American taxpayers provide them. On average, they send $300 back to Latin America each month while U.S. taxpayers cover their health care and other costs.

If you tax the illegals: you'll get less of them.