Monday, June 30, 2014

Supreme Court Birth Control Ruling May Impact Millions Of Americans

TPM reports:

The Supreme Court said in a landmark ruling on Monday that "closely held" corporations may opt out of Obamacare's birth control mandate, a definition that sounds narrow in scope but actually comprises a vast majority of American businesses.

The most immediate impact will be felt by the female employees of Hobby Lobby (which employs 13,000 people total) and Conestoga Wood (which employs 1,000 people), who will no longer have cost-free access to emergency contraceptives like the morning-after pill. Beyond that, health care experts and pro-choice advocates say it's close to impossible to know precisely how many women will be affected because it depends on which employers opt out.

What's clear is the ruling opens a door for all closely held corporations to seek relief from the birth control mandate, legal experts say. The statistics, though spotty on how many would be eligible to do so, suggest that could end up impacting millions of Americans.
This is a big opinion : Hobby Lobby isn't a small business.