Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Libertarian Champions: Ron Paul Number 1 In Google Search Results Followed by Ayn Rand

Ron Paul is the libertarian champion in Google search results with 71,500,000 results in comparison to other libertarian orientated types (no one is even close). Ayn Rand is number two with 2,640,000 results. Number three is Milton Friedman with 1,820,000 results. Number four is Murray Rothbard with 974,000 results. Number 5 is Ludwig Von Mises with 873,000 results. Number six is Friedrich Hayek with 782,000 results. We picked these six because of their prolific output and fame. With Ron Paul , Murray Rothbard , Mises, and Hayek all Austrians : we can conclude that the Austrians seem to be winning the battle of ideas. Plus, Ayn Rand did promote Mises.