Tuesday, June 10, 2014

GE Statist Propaganda Update-Sarah Kliff Praises CT Obamacare Website Hours Before Security Breach Reported

Newsbusters reports:
Sheesh! Talk about poor timing...

On Sunday, Sarah Klifff of General Electric Vox gleefully reported on the "success" of the Connecticut Obamacare website. In fact so successful according to Kliff that Access Health CT is now thinking about selling its software to other states. However, unknown to Kliff who trumpeted her story with "How Connecticut built a healthcare.gov that actually works," a dark cloud appeared on the horizon that would rain on her parade just a day later. That rain came in the form of a report today from WTNH TV that a security breach had been discovered in her beloved website.

We are sure Democrats against Citizens United don't want to shut down GE's happy statists at Vox .