Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Flashback: Rockefeller Foundation and E. H. Harriman Fortune Finance Racist Eugenics Movement in America

Edwin Black from his historical masterpiece on eugenics:

Eugenics found allies not just among the nation's learned men, but also
among the affluent and influential. In 1912, shortly before the Eugenics
Record Office installed its board of scientific directors, the New York State
legislature had created the Rockefeller Foundation, which boasted fabulous
assets. John D. Rockefeller donated $35 million the first year, and $65 million
more the next year.21 Davenport was keen to funnel Rockefeller's
money into eugenics. As he had done with Mrs. Harriman, Davenport cultivated
a personal connection with Rockefeller's son, John D. Rockefeller
Jr. The younger Rockefeller controlled the foundation's millions.

Shy and intensely private, the oil heir seemed to enjoy corresponding
with Davenport about sundry eugenic topics. On January 27,1912, using
his personal 26 Broadway stationery, the young Rockefeller wrote
Davenport a letter about a plan to incarcerate feebleminded criminal
women for an extra length of time, so they "would ... be kept from perpetuating
[their] kind ... until after the period of child bearing had been
No word yet on whether Columbia University is embarrassed to have taken money from the vanguard of the eugenics movement. Will Columbia give back that tainted Harriman money?? Margaret Sanger sure liked getting Rockefeller money to promote wiping out brown people.