Monday, June 02, 2014

2003 Global Warming Pentagon Report Proves to Be Hot Air Read

The Tea Party Economist reports:
Over a decade ago, the Defense Department paid a private firm to produce a report on global warming. The outfit had some unknown guy crank it out. It was paid well for this report, which was dutifully published by the Defense Department.

Its predictions did not come true, of course. Yet the document is still cited by the global warming industry, as if it had not been just another propaganda piece.

It is nice that the Washington Times went back and looked at it. We forget how much money the government has spent over the last decade to promote this theory.

In 2003, the average temperature of the earth had not gone up for five or six years. Today, it has been 17 years. But the global warming crowd still pretends that we are facing a crisis. Al Gore is still taken seriously in these circles.

No word yet on this story from Thomas Friedman.