Thursday, May 29, 2014

White House Policies Invite More Illegal Immigration

IBD reports:
A report warns that 120,000 illegals will flood our southern border in 2014. That's a crisis. So what's the president doing? Encouraging it with amnesty calls on U.S. embassy websites and La Raza-linked envoys.

An "unprecedented" wave of illegal-immigrant children is expected to pour over our border from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador this year, the Washington Examiner said, citing Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service sources. That's three times the 24,000 that were arrested last year.

The development comes just as the Associated Press reports an accelerating wave of illegals on the southern Texas border, resulting in 148,000 apprehensions from Oct. 1 through May 17, or 1,100 arrests a day.

Could you just show to Mexico and get free stuff?