Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rahm Interview: I Will Not Apologize For Expensive Trips With My Family Or Taking On The Gun Lobby

Crain's Chicago Business has an exclusive interview with Mayor Rahm Emanuel:
"When it comes to being persistent, taking on the gun lobby as I've done or the tobacco companies, I make no bones," he said. "There are times not to be weak-kneed."
There's more on the life of being a rich man:
About the only time Mr. Emanuel got even vaguely emotional was when I asked him about criticism that he leads the life of a rich man more than that of a typical Chicagoan, for instance taking a family vacation last winter in Vietnam.

"I love this job, but not at the expense of my children and my relationship with them," Mr. Emanuel replied. "Families make a lot of sacrifices for people in public life. . . .We have a long tradition of a family trip."
How touching.