Thursday, May 08, 2014

Communist Update: Cal State L.A. alumni go from radical activists to honored donors

The L.A. Times reports:
Cal State Los Angeles alumni Charon D'Aiello Sandoval and David Sandoval were dedicated revolutionaries in the late '60s, active players in civil rights and labor protests who keep up a progressive ideology to this day.

D'Aiello Sandoval joined La Raza Unida, a Chicano political party, and was a member of the Young Workers Liberation League, an arm of the Communist Party. Sandoval was a Brown Beret, who traveled to the former Soviet Union and Cuba.

Neither could have foreseen this day: On Wednesday, Cal State L.A.'s Student Services Center was named in their honor. The couple established a $350,000 permanent endowment to support student programs.
Cal State should look at its' hands : they have blood on them. How many millions of people have to die from communism?? Anyway, at least the L.A. Times is honest about the relationship between "progressive ideology" and communism.