Monday, May 19, 2014

Boss Madigan: Illinois as an Oligarchy

ABC News report:
On a golden plaque in the state Capitol that commemorates Illinois' long history of House speakers, one name takes up three entire rows: Michael Madigan.

Now approaching 30 years in control of the deliberative body, the 72-year-old Chicago Democrat is the longest serving current House speaker in the country by nearly a decade and among the longest serving in the U.S. ever. His tenure was interrupted for only two years, when Republicans seized control in the mid-1990s.

No stranger to the challenge of piecing together votes for unpopular legislation while protecting vulnerable members of his Democratic majority, Madigan's famed powers of persuasion face a major test this election year as he works to convince reluctant members to support an extension of an income tax increase his party promised would be temporary three years ago.
Guess who's Illinois' Attorney General? His daughter Lisa.